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Anyway, I wondered… The Mellon Collie original 1995 release is close to reaching the 10 million copies sold status in the US. The band already received a 9M award on September 17th, 2001. So now we definately will see a boost again in the sales of this album, with the reissue. Will the number of reissue copies sold be counted for the 10M award? Just wondering…[/quote:rvdmm1fh]

For the purposes of quantifying sales, an album’s original and subsequent releases are counted together. For example, if an album sold 300,000 of its original release and 700,000 in subsequent reissues, it would be entitled to platinum certification. However, the musical contents of the disc must remain the same on a reissue for it to count towards certification.


Although, if it includes extra shit, does that negate the whole thing? I guess it wouldn’t matter, because surely they will manufacture some sort of standard release. But even then, they’d need to sell around 500,000 copies. That is a TON.

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