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I’m very impressed with the dedication and love of the SP fans. It’s true love, not just a fleeting craze where you buy their merch and then a few years later sell it at a yard sale. Once you become a pumpkin, you will always be a pumpkin. There’s a familiarity and sense of camaraderie among one another. I just can’t believe that I wasn’t a part of it sooner![/quote:f2nihrba]
I tried several doctors, I even did brain surgery, electro shocks and rebirth therapy, but nothing helped.

And then, to think of it, it all started with listening to Disarm… tsss… :lol:[/quote:f2nihrba]

Disarm was my first too! I actually have video of the first time that I really noticed it and fell in love with the song. (I’d heard SP before, but never payed attention)