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^^ I guess you learned your lesson right? I’m glad that did it for you, some people come out of prison and make the same mistakes again.

so, to rein it in just a bit, how have you changed in your life? was it forced? when did you realize? do you generally resist change? is that part of human nature? etc…[/quote:wkhlrw44]

I don’t think I’ve had any major change to go through, aside from when I moved out of my parents place at 24, which was to the other side of the world, so I had to adapt to a different country, look after myself and be responsible for my actions all at the same time. It’s times when I’ve put myself out of my comfort zone that I’ve ‘grown’ as a person, and learnt what I can and can’t handle.

I think most people do resist change, especially if it’s something they are uncomfortable with. It’s only when they realise the change will actually benefit them or they’ll be better off, that they change.