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12. Translucent
– same as on MP only better quality[/quote:fe25700w]
The liner notes in the deluxe box booklet tell us that it was recorded at Sadlands, Winter 1992. Billy Corgan wrote 1990 on Mashed Potatoes. Billy is not always that good with dating his legacy (remember his slip of the tongue with the song Bleed at the Oceania cruise a little while back), so yeah… Another BC typo found on Mashed Potatoes… :roll:


I think 1990 is correct. Sadlands as a name for his home recording studio wasn’t used till around 93/94 I think, when he moved from one apartment to the other. Also: this song sounds like a demo around the Gish time, not after the release of Gish. 1990 seems to be accurate is my estimation.