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On Sven wrote:
15. There It Goes (demo)
– starts almost as (minimal) techno
– levels are WAY TOO HIGH up!!!! in this new mix; it’s new wave-apres-la-lettre…!!! yeah, thus”: one could do this mix, BUT: keep it ‘wave’, please
– in way: much too hard (sounding) for the time
– poor JC… he’s the metronome and some instants he can show his skill[/quote:6fupmyd0]
But is it the Mashed Potatoes version, it is, isn’t it? The liner notes of the Pisces Iscariot deluxe reissue state that it was recorded at River North, Chicago in 1988. Or is/was that Billy’s father home studio? … locid=1048

And SPFC adds them all together for 1988:[/quote:6fupmyd0]

yes, I think (but Jeroen can confirm with a back2back comparison) this is the one on MP.
but remixed of course, which would imply multitrack recording, which I find stunning at that stage of their carreer…