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BC is right… … ss-report/

It IS a different mix on the album…

Not only the mastering and all, but a different mix too…! :)

Check it out; they did turn the song around somewhat in terms of the arrangements and all…
Just do a back2back compare to the original album and you’ll hear it’s not down to the mastering, but it’s the mix.[/quote:1gmvsjox]

Hey Sven,

after re-reading your comment above, I now understand that you hear differences in the 1993 Spaceboy album-mix and the 2011 Spaceboy album-mix.

Billy’s voice sounds a little bit more upfront and by setting marker-points I did notice some slight timing differences, but to me these findings are not that impressive and possibly a result of the 2011 remastering and remixing.

Can you point out the differences that you have heard when doing the back2back compare, because I can not hear nor see them that clearly. Thanks,

--'to Rock!! for you'(Cherub Rock/Siamese Dream '93),Jeroen