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just went trawling through my collection to confirm the Today Cassette I owned was the Australian slipcase release with the clear tape with blue printing; but no it is a New Zealand release not yet on this site! It comes in plastic case with j card. Same cover art and barcode as UK Release. The tape is has the swirly logo that is unique to NZ cassette releases. I am a little pushed for time over the next few days but will have images up soon.

These NZ cassettes are hard to find, even if you live here like I do.


you don’t mean this one? :?: :shock:[/quote:1tf6gy0d]

No, this cassette has same artwork as other today releases. I actually own the one you posted. Only one I have ever seen. I am waiting for someone else to find one :D I will submit pics and details to site soon.

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