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The tape you are referring that Joe owns is from 1988, and yes he still has it since I talked to him over the phone about it a couple of months ago.

Billy is referring to the 1986 material he made when he returned from florida to chicago after the marked broke up in october 1986. When he returned to chicago he started doing solo demo’s which are basically billy corgan solo. Ron Roesing and Len Ayala also collaborated in some songs. In 1986 he started a project he called "The Nothing Ever Changes" and it was his attempt for a first album. He is referring to this material in 1986, before he met James. The "Greta Garbo" or "Hope" tape are exactly from this time too (late 1986-early 1987). Both this tapes (NEC and Hope tape) are in archives and I’m assuming there’s even more stuff about this years there.

I’m really excited about this because I’ve been researching this years (1986-1989) for years and now we know for sure that the stuff will come out.

Check out the thread I started more than a year ago, it’s called Billy Corgan Early Demo’s if you are interested.[/quote:15m9ulnh]

cool, thanks!