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And about the early Hope song, yes that’s the "Hope" Tape or "Greta Garbo" tape from late 1986-early 1987.
I don’t think it was re-recorded in 1992, Dave Asselin says it’s the same as the Hope tape from the marked period. He owns the tape, he confirmed this, as well as giving a copy to billy which I assume it’s in the archives.[/quote:lj9n2t0l]
Jesse Miller stated in 2000, Hope was (re-)recorded in Spring 1992, in the Soundworks Studios, together with Kerry Brown. They also recorded Bullet Train To Osaka, Starla & Plume during that session. (search for Hope)

And that version of Hope was released on Still Becoming Apart, as far as I know? And it makes sense, because when I listen to Hope, it doesn’t sound like it comes from a 1986/1987 cassette. But I leave that judgement to the sound experts… :wink:

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