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It’s an option, amongst others. I can only say that every now and then the Pumpkins’ team likes to surprise us SPfreakies. Stay tuned, is my advice! The surprises might not be over yet! 8)


WHAT!!! :shock: possibly more..are you guys serious? I think what was already mentioned was a pretty extreme prize. Regardless, I am completely enjoying this experience and finding a bit more about myself through this process..
I would say I owe it all to spfreaks and sp, only because if it weren’t for the music I wouldn’t be so inspired and for all these wonderful people on this site and
this has been an uplifting experience.
Thanks again guys. I don’t even give a rats arse if I win or lose because I have learned a lot about myself and others.
you all are an amazing bunch:)
you’ve already changed my world just by being a part of it through the site…
I am sure everyone feels this way…
spfreaks has got that sp magic going on:)