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now, i really focus on things that i feel are important, and require instant attention. i can’t seem to make it beyond family and work. nothing else matters (metallica). work is only artificially important, though. it’s a means to support an end. the coefficient we all apply to our daily formulas. without it, they’d all be incorrect. (not true)

i’ve found the only true happiness is when you smile internally. and then, give that smile to another. smiling forward. realizing life is basically shit, and having the awareness to not get lost in the negativity or scale of it; rather, positively "thinking" of an opposition.

in this way, it’s a constant battle. for me. an everyday fight. one i can win, but am tired of fighting.[/quote:22mp7g5d]

I feel the same way. That is a great way to put it, work is only artificially important. We have to work to be able to support the things that really matter. But we spend so much time at work that we don’t get much time to enjoy everything we work to get. Circular trap.