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Just wondering –
The UK set of MACHINA II cdr promos is rare enough to fetch some money.
The USA set of MACHINA II cdr promos is much rare and fetches even more.
USA Masterdisk and Virgin gold cdr promos are even more rare and more valuable; i.e. fetch crazy sums of money.

Now seeing this one on this site: … S&item=553
What would you reckon to be in the cards valuewise for an item like this?
Looks nice to me, I’ve never seen a copy pop up somewhere in the collector’s market. but this one…

Just wondering….[/quote:3be0r50k]

I’d say that would fetch ridiculous amounts of $$$$. Reason being, its rarity (probably only one) and also the fact that it’s Billy’s handwriting. I’d pay upwards of $500 for it.

What Masterdisk/Virgin gold CDR Machina II promos are you referring to? I thought only the UK and US sets existed. Plus the (one) German promo.

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