Reply To: What do you honestly think about Billy Corgan being ing GH4?

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I think having the skirt in the game is a bold move, though I like it. I think the ZERO shirt and silver pants would’ve been more recognizeable, though, the skirt shows the Billy of now, what he was wearing during the era this song came out.

As for being featured on GH, I guess Billy knows what he’s doing (he knows and lives the music world better than most), and he had good things to say about it in the video. I mean I’m a little suprised that he did this, but honestly, when I played Rock Band at my friend’s place a few times (and aceing Cherub Rock on vocals the first time I played! hah, anyone else guilty?), I couldn’t help making a BC looking character. I mean, it’s a fun game, and it does open up alot of doorways to new music, and you can learn alot from it, but I still think real instruments are the way to go.

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