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Just wanted to let people know about the problem I had that meant my set cost me a lot more than it was sold to me for.

I live in the UK and I ordered the whole set before they had even finished them. A couple of weeks ago I got a card through my door from the delivery depot saying the set had been opened and that I had to pay the equivalent of $105 duty (tax) before it would be released and delivered. I was naive, and impatient – eager to get my hands on it, so I stupidly paid up. I have since exchanged e-mails with the Helpdesk.

They said that everything is sent out marked as a gift, so I shouldn’t have to pay anything, and that I should of not paid………..then the set would have been sent back to the United States and I would have got a full refund. At the time, I had already paid a lot for the set, and I didn’t want to be left with no money or CDs.

So the warning for other buyers is to be patient, and refuse delivery if they have a similar situation.