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Topic: Asheville US 2007-06-30 review

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On Andrea wrote:

Found on MySpace, review done by Asheville Smashing Pumpkins Fans.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


So, I went down to the OP around 9 pm to see if I could get in, but apparently they are doing numbers and waiting lists for extra/released tickets, so I didn’t get in. It’s ok, though, cause I stayed and listened again (I already paid for parking, so why not? haha). Although I didn’t hear them, the opening band (originally supposed to be Deerhunter…anyone want to tell me what they did piss off the crowd/Billy on Friday?) was Asheville’s own drum circle! Hahaha! I thought that was great

The show started out pretty normal, then they started having audio problems (the mics and would turn off or something). You’ll notice all the teases in the second set. That’s when they were trying to fix whatever was wrong and the band just started playing random songs…it was pretty cool! I wish I had been in there…

But all that was made up for then I decided to stick around and see the band after the show. There was such a huge crowd that I was sure Billy wouldn’t come over, and it looked to be true when Jimmy, Jeff and Ginger hurried off. Then Billy came down, and after talking to some people from the drum circle, came over! This time (unlike on Wednesday) he stopped and talked for awhile. The crowd was really nice and respectful and Billy seemed to be in a good mood. He mostly talked about the band and its current incarnation. I taped it, so I’ll try to transcribe what was said and post it here soon. But here are some pictures in the mean time. Sorry they’re so dark…there’s hardly any light in the back of the building.

The Set List

Set one:
1. Today
3. 1979
4. United States
5. Come On
6. Starla
7. In My Body
8. Hummer
9. Kashmir (tease)/Silverfuck
10. Blue Skies Bring Tears
11. Bullet

Set two:
12. !
13. To Sheila
14. Mama
– Cherub Rock (tease)
– The Everlasting Gaze (tease)
– Ava Adore (tease)
– Over the Hills and Far Away (tease) – Led Zepplin
– Dancing Days (tease) – Led Zepplin
– Day Tripper (tease) – Beatles
– We Will Rock You (tease) – Queen
– Misty Mountain Hop (tease) – Led Zepplin
– Cat Scratch Fever (tease) – Ted Nugent
– Smoke on the Water (tease) – Deep Purple
– Rock On (tease) – Essex
15. Zero
16. Starz
17. Fuck You
18. Tarantula
19. Tonight, Tonight
20. Drown
21. Heavy Metal Machine > White Rabbit (tease) – Jefferson Airplane

Encore 1:
22. Cherub Rock
23. Untitled

Encore 2:
24. Gossamer

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