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Topic: \"Best of 1985-1986 Demos\" to be released on limited vinyl

This topic contains 2 replies, has 256 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Sven Sven 3 years, 12 months ago.

On Sven wrote:

A side line note for amusement: I’m currently mulling the release of a ‘best of’ (which if you heard the stuff you know I’m joshing) of my many demos from 1985-1986; something along the lines of AEGEA; where a limited-edition vinyl edition will do for the right crowd. Guessing, and given the rights issues of what I own outright and isn’t related to others, I’d say there might be 10-15 albums worth of stuff. And there to my surprise on tape 3 of 60 (or so) there was a song idea (long forgotten) called ANALISE. Unfortunately it wasn’t very interesting or would have made for a heck of a story. But there’s plenty of other stuff worth a chuckle or a nod: some goth, some heavy metal, and even some electronic stuff.[/quote:10zqrq3q]
from http://www.smashingpumpkinsnexus.com, 23 may 2014: http://tinyurl.com/ouncb7n

Profile photo of Cool As Ice Cream
On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

i like this idea. it seems like the perfect way to release these demos. anything bigger wouldn’t make much sense, as i assume interest is fairly low.
i only hope it won’t be almost impossible to get a copy, as was the case with the very limited aegea pressings.

i wonder if there are many demos we haven’t heard or heard of. i assume there must be at least some.
bring it on! 8)

Profile photo of Sven
On Sven wrote:

good idea. especially if he keeps up the subscription plan to see how many people are interested and tailor the pressing to that number.

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