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Topic: does anyone else..

This topic contains 2 replies, has 529 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of blueczarina blueczarina 9 years, 11 months ago.

On blueczarina wrote:

find it funny that when fans go and heckle Billy for a picture and he lets them that he pulls a \"less than impressed\" face? Seems as though every picture I’ve seen where Billy has had his picture taken with a fan, he just looks at the camera with the \"Can I go now?\" look.

I think this in itself is hilarious because it must suck being approached by random people all the time asking for a photo when he doesn’t even know them. I know fans just want a picture of them with the people they admire, but it really would suck.. I don’t blame him for not smiling or appearing to enjoy the moment. I know i would hate it.

Am I alone finding humour in this?

What I fear is lost here..
Profile photo of Im a Cult Hero
On Im a Cult Hero wrote:

Perhaps after so many years, he finds it’s best to put on a neutral face for every picture, that way nobody thinks that it looks like he didn’t like them personally, or someone else got a better pose, because there all the same? Maybe I’m way off but it’s just a thought.

Profile photo of blueczarina
On blueczarina wrote:

You know I’ve noticed he always has the same expression too. He proabably is just sick of having everyone begging him for a picture and going into hysterics over him and the band. I would suppose it would get old at some point. :wink:

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