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Topic: DONE: Enable/disable signatures

This topic contains 4 replies, has 54 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Cool As Ice Cream Cool As Ice Cream 9 years, 6 months ago.

On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

Would it be hard to add the option \"show signatures\" to the preferences? If one selects \"no\", no signatures are visible when reading threads.

Similar options I have seen on other messageboards is \"show avatars\" and \"show images\". This can be useful for people who have a slow internet connection, or who are surfing from work or so and don’t want their screen filled with all kinds of images.

You could set the default value to \"yes\". This way nothing changes for anyone, unless they explicitely change these preferences in their profile.

The way it’s usually implemented is that these options show or hide signatures, avatars and images in threads, but you can always see avatar and signature of other members in their public profile.

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On blueczarina wrote:


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On blueczarina wrote:

that would be a good idea. on some days my computer is super slow and won’t load stuff. i’m going to switch my internet though.

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On RedWolf wrote:

The option you mention is not in phpBB. As I’m not the author of phpBB aswel I’m no PHP programmer, I cannot make this work for you.

Somewhere in the future the forum will be integrated into the origional website. I will considder this option in the future forum. Or better, the option will be: show tekst only, which will remove all graphic items from a page.

Till that time, I’m sorry, you have to live with the signatures people put in their postings.

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

I think the messageboards that have this option are vBulletin, not phpBB.

Anyway, thanks for looking into this.

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