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Topic: EU tour so far—

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On Sven wrote:

i thought to be a nerd—

how many songs were played on the shows, was there something ‘special’…?

this what i came up with, the number is the amount of songs played…

stockholm – 19 -> Pissant in the main set and no encore; first time Pissant ever played in Europe!!!
oslo – 21 -> Pinwheels on the set, Pissant in the encore + BWBW
copehagen – 21 -> Pinwheels and Pale Horse switch places, Pissant is dropped from the set
brussels – 21
amsterdam – 21
paris – 21
manchester – 21
glasgow – 21
newcastle – 21
london (1) – 21
london (2) – 21 -> first performance of Tonight, Tonight since 20101211 + *special*: Stephen with Jay Aston & James Stevenson of Gene Loves Jezebel
sheffield – 18 ((—> ouch, what happened there, to cut the set short?!))
birmingham – 21 -> Owata is ditched, Tonight, Tonight is in the main set…
berlin – 20 -> TT switched places with MLIW
prague – 20 -> no MLIW, but —- first performance of To Sheila since 20101208 + \"special\": re-arranged band setting for To Sheila – as per reports: as Adore sold really well in these areas so they gave it a go…
milan – 20 -> contrary to SPLRA – just watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK8CB2l_RPo -> no full performance of I Am One
padova- 20 -> first performance of I Am One since 201202…

I mean; tomorrow I’m gonna get my hands on the re-issues on cd and vinyl(s)….
Still, this is awesome to see, that this tight band can do these tight sets AND also play I Am One…!!! :)))

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