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Topic: Fleabag Alert!

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On confuciousconfusing wrote:

So, I seem to have a flea problem in my house. The little bastards are seemingly everywhere! I have two cats, both of which roam to and fro betwixt inside and outside. But I use Frontline to control fleas on them and it works well, and always has in the past as well.

However, it’s not keeping the fleas at bay anymore. So my question is: what the hell do I do now? I rent, so I’m not sure I like the idea of paying some asshole to come here and spray, but maybe I need to?

in my time of dying
Profile photo of last_rose_of_summer
On last_rose_of_summer wrote:

try some of this:

http://www.scotts.com/smg/catalog/produ … 070004&id=

it keeps all kinds of critters out. it’s what i use. i spray it all around the outside of the house. you can use it inside too. just keep the cats away from it until it dries.

Profile photo of manillascissor
On manillascissor wrote:

i did some research online and it seems as though vacuuming is the best way to get rid of them. seems kinda obvious but i’ll give it a try. haven’t vacuumed the house in quite some time, so it makes sense that there are more of them around now. stupid bastards.

in my time of dying
Profile photo of anonymous
On Anonymous wrote:

well maybe vacuuming and doing what rose said on top of the frontline will rid the problem
or stop letting the go outside… :P
have fun

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