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Topic: Framed Promo for MCIS– Is this rare and of any value?

This topic contains 7 replies, has 976 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Arthur Arthur 7 years, 3 months ago.

On Arthur wrote:

Hi everyone. I’ll admit, I’ve been a fan of SP since I first remember hearing them but I’m not a serious fan like most of you.

A couple weekends ago my wife and I were walking around a consignment shop looking for knick-knacks and art for our soon-to-be-born child’s nursery. I noticed from the corner of my eye a framed print that appeared considerably old. Once I started to pay attention to it, I noticed that it was actually a framed promo for Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I fell immediately in love with the item and I thought it would look perfect in our nursery!

Anyway, I won’t go into any great detail describing what the picture looks like. You can see from the images linked below. I will say that this item appears to be all original. I don’t think someone took the promo print and put it in the frame at a later time. I think Virgin Records framed this poster before distribution.

At the bottom of the poster in really fine print appears the following text:

\"(c) 1995 Virgin Recordings America, Inc. For promotional use only – not for sale. Printed in the USA on recycled paper [Virgin logo]\"

The frame appears to be pre-distressed and the dimensions are roughly 10\" x 32\" (~25cm x ~70cm).

I felt what I paid was a fair price for this piece but it was a little more than I would typically pay for a framed poster. What can I say– I was a little impulsive. Of course, curiosity managed to get the best of me and I wanted to know what I could have paid for it if I had picked it up off of eBay.

Well, I can’t find this item any where. Now I’m curious whether this is rather rare item and of significant value compared to what I paid.

If this item is worth a fair price, I am willing to part with it. Yeah, I know that statement makes me a sell out but as I mentioned, I’m having baby. If it’s worth much more than what I paid, and the effort it takes to ship it, I’m willing to let it go.

So, is this rare and sought after by you guys of the collector community or did I find an item that is just one of many and should go on my wall (where I hope it belongs)?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Profile photo of Cool As Ice Cream
On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

What makes you think these were framed by Virgin and then distributed like that? I personally doubt that.

And this is just a guess, I don’t even know what you paid for it, but I don’t think you’ll make big bucks on this item.
I’m not too familiar with these promo posters, but it just doesn’t look like an item that will fetch a lot of money. I also assume this isn’t very rare. It looks like the kind of item they would send to record stores everywhere. But I might be wrong.

Profile photo of manillascissor
On manillascissor wrote:

that particular poster (or banner) is indeed on the rare side of MCIS related official artwork. it’s not commonly seen for sale.

to have bought the poster framed would obviously increase the value, but only slightly. virgin did not frame it, that is an aftermarket occurence.

bram is right, i wouldn’t expect to fetch a large sum of money for that item, despite its given rarity. it’s just not that sought after.

in my time of dying
Profile photo of kylie
On kylie wrote:

I have seen this poster one time before but it was not framed. It is rare, but being rare and being valuable are two different things. The old saying goes, \"Something is only worth what someone will pay for it.\" I am on ebay multiple times a week going through every pumpkins listing and have seen many thousands of pumpkins items cycle through over the years. Things that I would have thought would fetch a high price often times do not. The most I could see this poster going for is maybe $30 to the right bidder… maaayebe a few dollars more because it’s framed. There was a big framed photo print taken by a famous rock-n-roll photographer of James Iha that was on ebay for a month and a half. The starting bid was only $20 and no one was interested. I had never seen that photo before and the frame alone was easily worth more than $20. I hate to say it, but the pumpkins aren’t as popular as they used to be. If the item is a rare pre 1995 item, really pretty, owned by a band member, or a very rare CD that is sought by people on this site, then it may fetch a little coin… but for a MCIS poster? Not so much. There is a guy who had a MCIS 4ft X 4ft duratran poster that he wanted $800 for. This is a prime example of people over estimating the worth of their item. The reality is that the collectable hype for this band is at a low point.

How much did you pay for the framed MCIS poster?

Profile photo of RichardH
On RichardH wrote:

Thanks for your help. Yeah, I actually paid $30 for this. I figured that it was probably pre-framed because the back side of the frame is covered with a paper backing, glued to the frame. I’ve only seen that type of framing on mass produced, framed prints. What struck me odd was the fact that I initially thought it had to be a common item because of the frames assembly, but I wasn’t certain if it was rare and in limited quantity when I couldn’t find it any where on the web.

I’m glad to know I paid a fair price. Now I’m not feeling to guilty for hanging it on my wall. I’ve collected other items in the past and I’ve always hated holding on to something that I knew someone else would greatly appreciate more than myself.

Profile photo of Arthur
On Arthur wrote:

Hey RichardH, welcome to our humble forum! Very nice to see new people jump in every now and then! :lol:

Your poster is cool, rare (never seen it before) and you can be proud to have found one for a really good price. kylie and manillascissor, well respected friends and huge collectors themselves also, said it all. I have nothing to add but: enjoy this thingy, and I’m sure you will. 8)

I will take your pics and use them for our online collection of Smashing Pumpkins items, are you OK with that, RichardH?

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."
Profile photo of RichardH
On RichardH wrote:

Arthur, feel free to use the images. In fact, I was going to add it as part of \"My Collection\" however when I tried to sign-up for an account I got an error stating that my email had been blocked?

Once again, thank you all for your help and kind words.

Profile photo of Arthur
On Arthur wrote:

when I tried to sign-up for an account I got an error stating that my email had been blocked?[/quote:3f1b58v8]
Uhm… weird. If you can log in on the forum, then you should also be able to (re-)log in on the SPfreaks Collection website. Just use the same credentials as you use for the forum (RichardH and the password that only you knows). Let me know if it works, or not. Then, only after your item is uploaded in the Collection, it is possible to add it to your owner list. All new uploads are announced here:

http://forum.spfreaks.com/viewtopic.php?t=932&start=275 (most recent page as we speak)

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."

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