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Topic: How records are made

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On Arthur wrote:

I found a pretty good article for you guys, hope you like it. Maybe it explains some questions you might have.

http://www.recordcollectorsguild.org/mo … =28&page=1

\"In 1952, the distinguished American music/audio writer and critic, Edward Tatnall Canby, wrote a series of articles for The Saturday Review which was published in book form as \"The Home Book of Recorded Music and Sound Reproduction\", by Prentice – Hall, Inc. New York. As was Canby’s usual style (and that of most New York critics of the day), it was pompous, superfluous and mostly talked down to the reader. It covered a lot of ground, and despite containing a number of errors, it still made for interesting reading.

I have adopted Canby’s basic framework for this article, along with a lot of re-writing and correction of the obvious mistakes. I have also added much material from my own direct experience as a recording engineer for RCA Victor in the 1960’s.

… Graham Newton\"

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