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Topic: Looking to sell my SP collection: here is my list

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On Arthur wrote:

I am looking to sell much of my SP collection. Most of it includes vinyl. I am more than happy to answer any questions or send you pictures of something you might be interested in. I am coming to this site to give the hardcore sp freaks a chance at this stuff before I put things on ebay. I will consider all offers as they come in.

Feel free to email me and ask any questions or make an offer.


-Light into Dark LP sealed
-20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosion LP sealed.
-20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosion LP but in really bad shape with the 7\" inside.
-I Am One 7\" with original 8×10 Limited Potential promo photo and the shirt that was given away for the release of the 7\". Shirt has been worn but not by me or in a long time. I got it from someone close to the band in 1988-1990.
-I Am One 10\" Hut
-I Am One 12\" Hut
-Siva 12\" Hut
-Tristessa 7\" black
-Tristessa black 7\" without the sleeve, just the record
-Tristessa 7\" pink
-Tristessa 7\" gray
-Tristessa 12\" Sub Pop
-Siva/Rhino promo 7\"
-I Am One Flexi disc (has the sticker over the incorrect show date)
-Daughter Flexi disc without magazine
-Daughter Flexi disc with magazine with the Flexi still attached
-Gish LP Caroline
-Gish LP Hut sealed
-Gish LP Caroline autographed in 1991 @ the Rough Trade Record acoustic show. James signed, D’arcy signed and wrote a note, and Billy signed and wrote a note
-Gish LP Korean
-Peel Sessions 12\" Caroline
-PI with 7\" sealed
-Music Saves double LP with I Am One. Hut Recordings 1991-2001
-Strange Fruit 10\": Hut Recordings / The Peel Sessions, number 98
-Siamese Dream LP sealed, no clue what color
-Siamese Dream LP maroon marble
-Cherub Rock 12\" Hut, sleeve opens from the top
-Today 12\" Hut
-Disarm 12\" Hut
-Siamese Singles 7\" box
-Rocket peach 7\" with box
-Today red 7\"
-Disarm purple 7\"
-Cherub rock clear numbered 7\"
-Starchildren white 7\"
-Starchildren black 7\"
-MCIS 3LP numbered 1073
-MCIS 3LP numbered 18622
-1979 12\" Hut
-Zero promo 12\"
-Lost Highway 2LP, sticker sealing it hasn’t been broken but it looks as if someone carefully pealed the sticker back to open it then resealed it.
-1979/BWBW 7\" jukebox
-1979 12\" remixes
– Adore LP sealed
-Ava Adore numbered 7\"
-Ava Adore 7\" with white sleeve
-Perfect 7\" with white sleeve Hut
-Perfect 12\" promo remix
-Batman 2LP remixes promo
-James Iha Be Strong Now 12\"
-Machina LP Virgin, US
-Machina picture disc, probably a bootleg
-Teargarden I sealed
-Teargarden II sealed
-Blissed Flexi disc

I also have a show poster, CR5, and original set list from the final show signed by Chris Holmes who played synths at the final show and during the Machina tour.

Then I have a bunch of US promo CD singles

Tonight Tonight
1979 mix
MCIS US promo album
Batmas US promo
TAFH 4 track promo, US
TAFH 12 track promo, US
To Sheila
Launch sealed
Smell the Fuzz (not a promo, just the regular CD)

On the Edge Westwood One Show 94-41 SP, Oasis, and Gin Blossoms. SP is the BBC session where they play Disarm, Never Let Me Down Again, and Landslide

8×8 inch MCIS window cling never used

4.5×4.5 MCIS promo sticker, new

Heavy Metal Machine US promo cassette

I also have copies of person lyric sheets (most word processed with Billy’s handwriting for the title and some all hand written by Billy) from songs from the MCIS era.

Email me questions or offers. Mdbmd7619@gmail.com

Profile photo of manillascissor
On manillascissor wrote:

thanks for bringing your awesome vinyl collection here! good luck, hope you sell a lot of it. :)

in my time of dying
Profile photo of geofolkers
On geofolkers wrote:

Lyric Sheets sound neat :) photo copied papers though? would you take 40$ for a copy of these? Is that something you’d be interested in? Thanks for sharing :)

Profile photo of Arthur
On Arthur wrote:

Pretty cool list indeed, but I’m a cd collector. And there is nothing new for me to find, unfortunately. :(

Good luck selling though!

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."

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