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Topic: Machina II US promo EP CR-02 on eBay

This topic contains 2 replies, has 448 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of geofolkers geofolkers 6 years, 4 months ago.

On geofolkers wrote:


This is extremely rare, around 7-8 copies only, as far as we know! For those who own an incomplete set only, though.

Seller says (copied from Wikipedia, as he states): \"This source is from in-house promo CDs made for internal use at Virgin Records (sourced from the vinyl records), made before Machina II was released to the public over the Internet. Two versions of the promos exist, a UK (type I) and U.S. (type II) version, both with four CDs corresponding to the vinyl copies. As it was done in-house at a record company, it is generally assumed to be a high-quality transfer, though some of the faint voices which can be heard in the background before some of the EP songs are cut off, and in general, it is missing a considerable amount of audio between song transitions.\"

Is this true?

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

i believe this is incorrect.

the songs on the virgin promo seem to have been transferred song per song, and not vinyl side per vinyl side. they’re separate tracks with a bit of silence in between. and sometimes the bit of talking stuff at the beginning of one song has been transferred with the previous song and can thus be found at the end of the previous track. or the other way around.
so it might seem as if a bit is missing, but it’s still there.

someone who thought they discovered bits of intro or outro were missing, started this bit of misinformation, and years later it’s still alive.

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On geofolkers wrote:

i bought this Machina II cr-02. who wants to sell me the others?

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