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Topic: Now this is the way to go…

This topic contains 5 replies, has 513 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of anonymous Anonymous 7 years, 8 months ago.

On confuciousconfusing wrote:

Huge band, huge heart for the fans…
This is the way to go… And: it wouldn’t hurt TSP to follow suit I guess…

Check this out: http://radiohead-prague.nataly.fr/Main.html
Download this amazing FREE live dvd of Radiohead with splendid sound and enjoy…! :)

Profile photo of anonymous
On Anonymous wrote:

Thank you, Sven. Very nice indeed. :)

Profile photo of Sven
On Sven wrote:

@Dazey: you’re very welcome!
This is a truly amazing live DVD….!!!!! :)

Profile photo of anonymous
On Anonymous wrote:

I’ll run the DVD badboy overnight, for a nice treat tomorrow. 8)

After Kid A I kind of lost track, this is a great way back.

~ Salutes ~ :wink:

Profile photo of Cool As Ice Cream
On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

What do you mean with \"SP follow suit\"? Do you want a similar project amongst SP fans, or should SP also provide soundboard audio for fanmade dvds?

Profile photo of anonymous
On Anonymous wrote:

lol..SP needs to allow video 1st at these venues before something like this happens.

as far as the band providing audio for a fanbase download-I have a hard time seeing Billy approving that. Perhaps Monte will be appointed the job

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