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Topic: PH Questions

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On manillascissor wrote:

I have a few PH releases (mostly) cassettes, that I find pretty interesting. I’m trying to work out why certain versions exist on certain labels and in what order (timeline).

First off, I just acquired this cassette: ( http://www.spfreaks.com/?page=COLLDETAILS&item=550 ) that is released on Dyna EMI (aka Dyna Products, Inc.), under Virgin Records. We have the date in our database as 1991, but the cassette clearly says 1994. Ok, fine, that can be changed.

I also purchased another cassette in the same deal: (Siamese Dream PH on OctoArts EMI). This looks to be a reissue of the original PH pressing on Dyna Products, found here: ( http://www.spfreaks.com/?page=COLLDETAILS&item=3394 ). When I opened the case, it says 1995. Ok, fine.

So I’m assuming Virgin Records used Dyna Products to manufacture and distribute cassettes and vinyl up until around 1995, and then switched to OctoArts EMI. It all makes perfect sense.

Until I check Wikipedia.org ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OctoArts_International ), which says OctoArts EMI wasn’t even created until 1997.

Ok, so there is my problem. Is it just that Wikipedia is completely wrong?

Also, does anyone know of a Gish reissue on OctoArts EMI?

in my time of dying
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On manillascissor wrote:

I also have a Pisces Iscariot cassette on OctoArts EMI from 1995 as well.

in my time of dying

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