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Topic: Pre-historic Auf der Maur – refound in the collection :)

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On Sven wrote:

maybe you have this feeling once so often, too:
going through your record collection, you find/refind some releases you weren’t even actively aware of owning, but which do bring you back to the when and where of the moment of purchase and possibly even some more memories?

just as i went through my collection and found some nice stuff again, i stumbled upon two 7\" vinyl singles by Tinker. one on orange wax, one on green. this band features Steve Durand and notably: Melissa Auf der Maur…

MadM was never considered a true Pumpkin. still: Zwan was no TSP either. nor was James Iha solo, per se. maybe indeed the point in case i’m trying to make is for the inclusion of MadM’s solo works in our collection database. somehow it just totally feels ‘right’ to me to do so. i mean: the lady played the final tours and the final show and did so in awesome style. plus: her personal and professional carreer is deeply connected to TSP in the first place.

playing these two Tinker 7\"s again, with the lack of info online, remembering when and where i bought these and the look on the record store seller’s face when i told him it was MadM’s first band’s first releases he’d just sold me, memories of email correspondance with MadM and Steve Durand pop up, the singles are from 94 too, Real A Lie, later to be re-recorded is already there, in embryonic form…

i just want to say: sometimes it’s so great to just dive into a massive collection again and uncover some nice gems therein… :)
especially when things get out of hand like at my place with 5.000 cds, 1.000 records, 500 7\"s and some boxes and stuff full of tapes and VHS’s and the like too…

so: what’s your refound precious gem as of lately???

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