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Topic: Psychology Class Question.

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On confuciousconfusing wrote:

Our teacher askes us today if religon plays apart in marrying someone or not.

Like if they are a different religon will fighting over it break them apart.
She thought it wasn’t a good idea for even catholics to marry christians.

My view is if you love someone enough you can work out any differences in that area.

What do you guys think?

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On manillascissor wrote:

What if you don’t buy into religion at all? How would that affect the situation.

Like, a Jew marries a, …. nothing. Is that bad?

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On blueczarina wrote:

to some people i think that would still be bad, because that would be like marrying some unbelieving sinner- as in if the couple had jackass relatives who were all hardcore about religion and were being asses.

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On Superlordspamulon wrote:

Yes. It can do.

Fundies in most religions refuse to marry outside their religion, even outside of their denomination.

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On Anonymous wrote:

this is interesting…
I married a catholic…except he’s claims he’s no religion, but if he has to specify he says catholic.
I refused to get married in a catholic church…so outdoors at a rose garden by a big fountain for us…
Pending upon different cultures religion plays a part in who someone marries.

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