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Topic: Purging the Vault:

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On tjackson80 wrote:

V1.0 – Sept. 19, 2017

Greetings All.

I have been a SP collector for … many a moon. Sadly, the waxing and waning of time (ok that’s enough WPC-esque literary jumbo) … has caused me to get less interesting in collecting and more interesting in having a clean adult existance…..

To that end, I’ll be posting damn near all of my collection for sale. This post is the start of that. Revisions will be numerically noted and dated in the subject or first line as this post get updated.

Now I know people are looking for deals. I’m ideally looking for getting as much of my $$ investment back out of this stuff. I realize the best source to do that is ebay. But i’ve been informed that there are more discerning and motivated collectors here rather than there. To that end I’ve listed the amount i’m looking to get out of these items next to them. If there are multiple interested parties for an item, I will let you know and more than likely there will be an ebay auction to determine the victor.

I’ve been out of the hunt for a while, so I’m mainly using sold-listings as a value indicator … or trying to. Sorry if I’m horrible mistaken.

We’re starting with vinyl. If you guys want links to SPFREAKS DISCO pages, i’m not sure how that works, but I’ll try and get those done here too.

1979-BWBW Jukebox (with pic slv) – $25
Adore Juke (white slv) – $5
Ava Adore UK Single – $5
Cherub Clear Single – $20
Cherub Rock 12″ TP – offer?
Cherub Rock 12″ WLP (3 of em) – offer?
Gish 12 Remaster UK (G condition at best) – $5 (might through it in gratis on something else)
I Am One 10″ – offer?
I Am One 10″ TP Signed (BC,JC, JI, Madm) With fold-sleeve – offer?
I Am One Flexi – offer?
MCIS 3LP #0390 – $300
Peel Sessions 12 WLP – offer?
Peel Sessions 12 TP (with art foldover sleeve) – offer?
Peel Sessions 12 TP – offer?
SD Bootleg box (faces, wooden) – $65
Tristessa 12 – $40
Tristessa Black (singles club flyer seperated) – $45
Tristessa Black (singles club flyer intact) – $50
Tristessa Pink (singles club flyer intact) – $40
Tristessa Grey (singles club flyer intact) – offer?

Shirts: (seeking offers first) … the remainder will go to ebay. (no particular order)
Pics upon request

Siamese Dream – Rock Invasion Tour (album front, dates on back)
Lollapalooza ’94 – White Shirt, Green Buddha, Dates On Back
MCIS Grey Promo – Black SP Heart Front, Album Title on Back
Adore Faces – Band Front, Darcy Back
Adore Tour – Album Front, Dates Back
Black Disco Shortsleeves – Disco Band Name Front
Adore Goat – Goat Front Tree Back
Purple Lollaplooza TieDye – Buddha Front, Bands & Cities On Back
MCIS Navy Blue Album Shirt – Album Front Album Back
PI Era Clown – Clown Front, Song Titles Back
Infinite Sadness Tour – White Shirt Disc Art Front, Dates Back
Black Zeitgeist Tour – Marian Bomb Front, Cities Back
Gish Anniv Shirt – White Shirt Sacred Heart Front
Zero Long Sleeve – Damage to SP Heart on Shoulder
FaEoMM – Water/Flame Front IDK WTF On back (hard to describe, cassette and nebula?)
Machina TSP Tour – TSP Front Machina Title Back
Resume The Pose
Red Zero Shortsleeve
Yellow Zeitgeist Tour
Black Pink Blue MCIS Tour Art on Front, Cities On Back
Moon Stars Long Sleeve – Art Band Name Front Tour 97 Cities On Back
Orange Zero Tour Shirt – Dates/Cities Back

5 Nights @ The Metro
Pink Boulder (2 of em)
Teal W/ Rainbow (2 of em)
White MSTOS Shirt
Black Sweatshirt W/ Pink Wolf?
White Zwan Logo Front

Ok, I lied. I put offer down a buncha times … I really don’t know a fair value of this stuff…. But I also wasnt born yesterday, so offering me $25 for the lot isnt going to get you anywhere…

oh also, there’s this.
Gish Basement Tape (pictures attached)

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

just wondering: how can you tell whether a record is a WLP (white label promo) or a TP (test pressing)?
you’ve used WLP and/or TP for these releases: i am one 10″, peel sessions 12″ and cherub rock 12″.

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