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Topic: Question about 1991-1998 promo

This topic contains 2 replies, has 442 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of amnesia amnesia 9 years, 11 months ago.

On amnesia wrote:

I got a question,coz im quiet confused about a release.The release name is the 1991-1998 promo.Are there different versions of that album???,what i mean is,when you look at the covers,one is brown and the other cover is cream colored.Theres supposed to released 1000 copies of this promo cd.Are there 1000of each ,or how does it go?

In loving memory of Bimbolin.
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On Arthur wrote:

Yeah, you’re very close mayonaise. There are 3 wellknown releases of the 1991-1998 promo, coming from US, UK (or EU if you like) and Canada. There is also a 4th version in France we found out, but that’s basically the UK version in an extra package. Extremely rare though! And SPFC.org says that each of the 3 wellknown releases are pressed in a number of 1,000 each, so as long as we don’t know better, we stick to that figure. They provide quite good info on SPFC.org.

Check the pics for the color differences on SPfreaks.com if you like! Links below:

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On amnesia wrote:

Ok.Thanks alot Arthur.Seems like i got the US version,better look for the others then :)

In loving memory of Bimbolin.

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