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This topic contains 1 reply, has 538 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Cool As Ice Cream Cool As Ice Cream 9 years, 3 months ago.

On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

Welcome back to myself! After the horrendously long fall of leaving my old job, the great fall of general awesomeness into a new one- and the disaster of hearing Jimmy leaving… and the lovely Corgan now going at it alone- I’m back.

I really should do a heck more lot of explaining- but to keep things short. I’ve been busy. Busy with life; work, family, the partner, issues, and so forth… of course, I’m still addicted to the pumpkins and very shortly getting my first SP tattoo, and keeping an online eye on the relative things, white getting my previous e-mail account hacked into and such and such…

Life goes on- I continue to collect experiences, stupidity, intelligence (at least a little I should hope) and Pumpkin’s CD’s. In any case- ignoring the big issue right now about our favorite drummer… I just found a special sort of CD I need some opinions on…

First of all- it’s second hand, in excellent condition, and I’ve never heard of it before in my Pumpkin related history… second of all, I can’t be entirely sure if it’s an ‘official’ CD or not, but regardless. It’s there, the quality is great- and it contains live versions of Bullet with Butterfly Wings, 1979, Shame, To Martha and Ava Adore. Supposedly it’s a T-Rex recorded album (if I recall correctly) and contains 19 (?) live pieces from two 1998 Pumpkin’s shows- (both of which I forget the names of, great at remembering information- aren’t I?)

The CD is entitled ‘Shh…’ and has a picture of D’arcy, James and Billy ‘dipped’ in blue on the front.

Anyone know/have/ or have heard of this album I’m trying my best to describe? I currently have it on hold at my local CD store where they’re trying to sell it to me for $59.00 NZ (roughly $34.50 US)

Anyone help me out at all? Or can anyone let me know if the album is worth the price/a useful collection item?

-If anyone can give me any clues- that’d be most appreciated. Google search has been entirely useless so far.


Mother I'm tired
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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:


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