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Topic: Smashing Pumpkins Contract from 1998… Need Help

This topic contains 5 replies, has 738 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Arthur Arthur 9 years, 10 months ago.

On Arthur wrote:

So, I got this off of eBay years ago and figured if anyone knew if it looks real, someone here would. Here is a link to it:

Profile photo of anonymous
On Anonymous wrote:

wow it looks like cool! I skimmed thru it…

Profile photo of Arthur
On Arthur wrote:

Now that’s a cool thingy, EAZYE121!

It looks genuine to me, but I’m having hard times to read what it’s exactly about. We know that Chrysalis had something to do with the Smashing Pumpkins:

http://www.spfreaks.com/Default.aspx?pa … S&item=797

so it’s probably about the copyrights, publishing rights, royalties and things. Also the (lowered) fees for Chrysalis seem to be in the contract. There are a few very interesting details:

-Asian Minor recording, that’s from Ric Ocasek… What”s the link?
-Why wasn’t Jimmy Chamberlin included in 1992, 1994, 1997 and now in 1998 again?

EAZYE121, are we allowed to put this in our SPfreaks’ Collection?

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."
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On Sven wrote:

JCs was probably included in the other contracts.
He isn’t here.
This is a re-settlement contract for the smashing pumpkins.
At that time JC wasn’t a member of tsp.
If there was a to have been a re-settlement contract with JC this would have been a seperate contract.

What is funny is this contract indeed includes-
Asia Minor – written by Corgan
the James Iha songs written for tsp, and ALL of them!
the other James Iha songs

This contract settles the royalities/mechanical rights issues for tsp.
This is a re-settlement into a better deal for the bands – high advance up-front and lower fees for Chrysalis.
Chrysalis is the publishing company for tsp and bc and ji….
They manage all over the world track backs of royalties and mechanical rights issues for the band.
Like for BC – i’m doing this from memory now –
It’s Martha’s Music (or Faust Haus Music or whatever – samen company for him, different name) holds the (c) copyright (totally or shared with the rec. company) and Cinderfull/Cinderella Music (Chrysalis procures the royalities from that as the publishing company for the copyright holder… i guess he moved to another now, but whatever…

You have the copyright and are entitled to royalities.
That’s a bitch to manage and account.
Therefore you have a company drawn up to hold the copyrights (they have value, it’s a nice tax move amongst other things).
Therefore you have a company working for you to procure the royalities et al coming from you having the copyright – now that’s where Chrysalis steps into the picture- hence it’s quite logical to include the Warner Recs recorded tracks for Batman ánd to include the Ric Ocasek track as the copyrights lie with BC or his company or the band and the royalties and mechanical rights from these are not bound to a label or performer – even when another band plays a cover of a tsp or BC song Chrysalis will recoupe for tsp/bc.
Same goes to the Taproot stuff BC wrote – unless there’s a special deal – he will get payed.
Same goes for the Mechanical Animals album my Marilyn Manson – now that was a special case! Anyone can clearly hear BCs involvement in the arrangements and production – moving away from the distortion/noise/industrial heavy Trent Reznor produced Antichrist Superstar… BUT BCs not credited as such, but as an advisor or something, would need to dig up the actual album though. So; now he doesn’t get anything as there’s not a copyright to BC settled in these songs – might have been a nice move on BCs behalf to really only advise and help the band…
See what happened next with Ric O? There he does claim full credits. And guess what. Nobody buys or gives a sh*t about Ric O so royalties will most likely be limited where could have made quite some money on the hits off of Mechanical Animals ;)))

Does this make any sense at all?
Questions – go ahead – it think i understand most of the contract…

Also – i’ve seen others for HUT and Caroline and also for publishing deals – this looks genuine to me.


Profile photo of EAZYE121
On EAZYE121 wrote:

Arthur, go for it, I don’t have a problem with you using it in the collection. Anything to help out.

Profile photo of Arthur
On Arthur wrote:

Arthur, go for it, I don’t have a problem with you using it in the collection. Anything to help out.[/quote:n5xdiie5]
You ROCK! 8)

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."

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