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Topic: SP CDs and SP related CDs for sale, and some other random unique SP stuff

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On thbifeb wrote:

I have the following CDs and random items that I am willing to sell.  Some are official SP releases, so are those imports from back in the day from live shows or demos/etc. 

Random post cards of SP from 1991-1993

Poster from the final show, Dec. 2, 2000 (it was given to me by Chris Holmes who played keys at the final show)

Original setlist that Chris used at the show (he signed it)

CR 5

Christmas Card from the band Dec. 20-21 1999 shows

I Am One original t shirt  (got it from a friend of the band in the early years.  Billy personally gave her the shirt).

I Am One Limited Potential promo photo

In Concert 2 CD with SP (Geek USA, Rocket, Today, Disarm, Quiet, Cherub Rock, Bury Me) and Nirvana (Aneurism, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Polly, Sliver, Breed, Come As You Are, Lithium, Love Buzz, About a Girl, Spanx Thru, Dumb, Drain)

On the Edge radio CD with SP from their live BBC session (Disarm, Never Let Me Down, Landslide), Oasis, and Gin Blossoms

Peel Sessions slimline CD with Siva, Girl Named Sandoz, & Smiley

I Am One slimline CD single with Plume & Starla

Rocket slimline single with Never Let Me Down

Rocket radio promo CD

Disarm radio promo CD

Disarm slimline Hut CD single with Soothe & Blew Away

Disarm slimline Hut CD single with Landslide & Dancing in the Moonlight

Today radio promo CD

Cherub Rock slimline single CD with Pissant & French Movie Theme

Earphoria CD

1979 radio promo CD

1979 remix radio promo CD

1979 Virgin CD single with Ugly, Believe, & Cherry

1979 mixes slimline CD

1979 slimline CD with Ugly, The Boy, Cherry, Believe, & Set The Ray to Jerry

33 radio CD promo single

Zero radio CD promo single

BWBW radio CD promo single

BWBW 2 track single with Said Sadly

Tonight Tonight radio promo CD

Tonight Tonight slimline single

Muzzle radio CD promo single

The Aeroplane Flies High 4 track sampler

The Aeroplane Flies High 12 track sampler

The End is the Beginning is the End radio promo CD

The End is the Beginning is the End remixes 5 track slimline CD

Ava Adore slimline CD single with Czarina & Once In a While

Perfect slimline CD single with Summer & Perfect Nellee Hooper mix

Perfect slimline CD with Perfect (mix) & Daphne Descends (Kerry Brown mix)

Stand Inside Your Love slimline CD single with Speed Kills

Zwan slimline CD single with Number of the Beast & Freedom Ain’t What it Used to Be

James Iha Be Strong Now slimline single

Lost Highway CD soundtrack

Smell the Fuzz Guitar World CD featuring Ascendo by Billy Corgan

Launch CD-ROM Sealed BWBW (the CD-ROM is sealed)

Smashing Pumpkins CD book by Jim Stapleton

MCIS promo stickers (the size of a CD)

MCIS promo window clings


Import boots

The Great Pumpkin That Never Arrived – interview disc

In Conversation interview disc

Rawk – 1/19/92

Feeling Like a Smashed Pumpkin – 10/3/93

Fishing Blue – random live songs from 1990-1993

Mayonaise Dream – random acoustic from 1991-1993

Unbearable – Del Mar, CA 1993

A Kiss of This

Daydream Kisses

The Lost Songs

Halloween Party

Early 1989 Demos

The Greatest Day


Black Sessions

Party All Night

The Aeroplane Flies High 2 CD

Pumpkins Seeds

Spaceboy with man on cover, live in Europe 1993

The Mellon Collie Demos

Halloween Tools

Europe 1994


Out of Focus

Forgotten Songs Part I

A La Mode 2 CD

1997 2 CD

The Berlin Bullet 2 CD

Starlight 2 CD

Dusk 2 CD

If you are interested in anything, let me know.  Or if you have any questions, email me through SP Freaks. 


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