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Topic: The Music Industry fights back, OiNK down.

This topic contains 4 replies, has 747 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Superlordspamulon Superlordspamulon 10 years, 6 months ago.

On Superlordspamulon wrote:

Already a week old this news is, worthwhile showing nevertheless. I only knew OiNK by name (really! :lol: ) but the discussion about spreading music has been done on here also many, many times in the SPfreaks team. Glad we stayed far away from it, for good reasons…


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On lilkitn wrote:

Downloading and peer to peer music sharing is legal in Canada. :D Our musicians are still surviving…


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On Superlordspamulon wrote:

oh noooooooo, are the multi-billion dollar record companies losing out on a couple hundred of quid because people don’t want to buy their overpriced cd’s? noooooo :(

fuck this, it’s getting annoying. personally, i’m not a big user of p2p sites (i only use them if i want to check out a new band – if i don’t like them, i delete the music, if like them, i buy their records) but i do disagree with using it as the only way to get music. i don’t call anyone a fan if they don’t buy their preferred bands music. because its not supporting them. but please, the music industry doesn’t need the lost revenue, and when they are multi-releasing an album (*cough*zeitgeist*ahem*) can you blame the downloaders?
the musicians get rich off of ticket sales and merch more than record sales anyway, so they shouldn’t be complaining (yes, i’m talking to YOU, Lar$ Ulbitch). Also, p2p sites are great for new, unsigned bands – they can spread their music to places where their records aren’t available.
it is still stealing, of course, but the only real losers are the multi-billion, faceless record companies. and besides, are you really gonna fork out £15 for that compilation album that has 2 tracks you like on it?

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

i think that’s way too simplified.

\"they make enough money from touring and merch, so they should not complain\" is extremely lame as an argument.
sure, if artists agree with you, why not, good for everyone. but it’s not to you to decide what they should be happy with and what they are allowed to complain about. if they spend months and millions in a studio to record an album, i think it’s acceptable that they expect to make some money out of it, no?

\"a couple of hundred quid\" is almost too retarded to ever be published anywhere. astronomical amounts of money are lost on piracy. if it were only a couple of hundred quid, i’d even volunteer to make up for it, just to make the world a juster place.

i’m not really a downloader myself and basically i don’t really care too much about the issue. if people want to steal music, that’s their own business. but every discussion about it is so funny: the downloaders always try to find a reason to defend their actions. and they’re wrong. it is stealing.
if you think something is too expensive or immoral or whatever, then i think you shouldn’t buy it. this doesn’t give you the right to steal it. i don’t go to the local jaguar garage to steal their newest car because \"it’s ridiculously expensive\". i don’t go to the baker’s and steal their bread because i think they’re asking too much.
if you want to download music illegally, simply admit you don’t want to pay for it. admit you’re stealing it because you’d rather keep the money for something else, or simply because it is possible for you to download the music, whatever. but don’t go looking for some lame ass excuses, because i believe you’ll always make a fool out of yourself doing so.

i personally don’t care too much what’s behind the music i buy either. i like to buy a cd in a store. i see what they ask for it and if i agree with the price, i buy it. if i think a cd is too expensive, i don’t buy it.
maybe you’re more idealistic and you truly disgust the music industry and you really dislike the way they sell your favourite artist’s music. but then isn’t the right thing to do simply not buying the music? why must this imply that you should steal the music? i think that’s a mistake.
by not buying the music, astronomical amounts will be lost by the music industry by not selling anything directly, instead of by theft. i think that message would be much stronger.

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On Superlordspamulon wrote:

yeah i know, i was tired and really couldn’t be bothered to be logical/coherent/accurate.
i was just ranting.
and i actually forgot about the time they spend recording the songs, and that (in my opinion) is the biggest reason as to why stealing music is incredibly unfair.
but more often than not it is the record companies who are complaining about stealing music. i don’t hear so much about musicians who complain hugely about music piracy. most of the cases i’ve heard of are from pop bands who don’t really write their own songs and Lars Ulrich (who infamously sued the Metallica [he’s their drummer] fans who used napster to get Metallica songs. for a start, it was only a few hundred downloaders i think, and they’ve sold millions upon millions of records. it really was a trifling matter that he shouldn’t have cared about, but he made just about everyone lose respect for him, and lost Metallica a lot of fans).
i’m not justifying music piracy. it is a crime. but i have seen statistics elsewhere (not sure where however) that has shown that whilst they are losing potential revenue, they are still getting more revenue than when music piracy was not a problem.
and you’ve also got to take this into account: just because you downloaded something illegally for free, doesn’t mean you would have bought it in the shop if you didn’t have access to that download. so in actuality, the loss of potential revenue is quite a bit less than the figures being given.

and i am not a downloader of music. nearly all the money i get is spent on cd’s (i have well over a hundred, which is quite good considering i get about £20 monthly allowance). the only music i download is if i am checking out a band (if i like them i get the cds) or if it’s a b-side (or similar) that i would never have bought the single to get/is on vinyl or itunes only.

and the couple hundred of quid was an exaggeration. i know that there are quite large sums of money, but i was simply exaggerating.

and by the way, it’s in my nature to defend the underdog, or take the opposite view and argue it, usually. i have no idea why. i don’t agree with music piracy, but for some reason i will defend it tooth and nail if people are attacking it. if i find people justifying it, i will go on the attack against music piracy (which has been the case with a lot of my friends :lol: ).

So apparently I don't post very often these days

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