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Forum: Collecting Items

Topic: Welcome to: My Collection! (includes user manual)

This topic contains 127 replies, has 28,088 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of king of gloom King of Gloom 5 years, 3 months ago.

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On blueczarina wrote:

(as often as i see dead people!). :twisted:[/quote:3f9ochde]

you might need a counselor or a priest for that problem though ^^ :wink:

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On RedWolf wrote:

Hi Folks,

Last couple of months no email is delivered by the email option in MyCollection because of a mallfuction in the email server settings.

A user discovered it and send Arthur a message about it. After testing I could discover the mallfunction. I set the right settings so the website can email again.

And if someone thinks, why on earth I didn’t get any response when I contacted a collector for trading, well, here is your answer :wink:

living in a reality on endless views & unbound fantasies...
Profile photo of king of gloom
On King of Gloom wrote:

EDIT: Oops, wrong topic! Sorry!

'May the king of gloom be forever doomed'

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