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Topic: What do you have to say to honosty?!?!

This topic contains 3 replies, has 629 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of toad32r toad32r 10 years, 5 months ago.

On toad32r wrote:

With a New year here, and a new attitude towards life that i have, for family,and truthfulness…There are a few things i have chosen to come clean to the world with. Although i have always been a good father, i have not been the best husband… i have not cheated, but i have taken things for granted… When you have something for soo long that you have cherished… sometimes those things taken for granted become something with an everyday feel, it is what it is… but thats not right… thats not fair… What if you lost it all, with no way to take back the last words you said, think of the last words you said, were they nice, possitive, or were they hurtful, spiteful? ITS NOT WORTH IT! Please listen to wht i say, i write this to be the best person i can, to maybe help someone else…to be a friend to someone ive never met… be true, be real, be deserving of the love that is being thrust at you. Take care of yourself, and those you love, forever…if you are married, you took a vow…FOR BETTER,OR FOR WORST…I HAVE BEEN THE WORST, I HAVE BEEN THE BETTER… BUT I WILL ALWAYS STAY TRUE TO MY LOVE!!!! Love each other, as i in someways have found friendship here… each of you take care, and ill talk to you soon!!!

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On BleedingTheOrchid wrote:

hey i strongly feel what ya mean man, my friend toad32r. sometims you realise marriage needs a bit fighting also right. know what you mean. go for it ut will bring you to the next level in marriage. its cool let me tell ya

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On Arthur wrote:

Hey toad32r, we are already a week over into 2008, and I hope… you’re still alright. Keep it together for us, ok? And feel free to lighten your burden here. Go toad32r go! :D

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."
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On toad32r wrote:

Ah yes, all is well. Lesson learned.

Ribbit...Toad-----------------Toads are really underated!!

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