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Topic: Your Collecting Criteria………

This topic contains 7 replies, has 1,200 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of blueczarina blueczarina 9 years, 1 month ago.

On blueczarina wrote:

Hello all, how have you defined what you collect, what is your collection criteria? For some it is CD’s only – why?

My collecting criteria is as follows:

Bootlegs – no, personally I don’t agree with them as they are unauthorised by the band and label and buying them is making money for ratbags!

Cassettes – yes only if they have unique artwork or songs otherwise I’ll have the cd thanks. (I would not collect a standard adore tape for example the cd is enough , but I have got the PI tape as it has unique artwork) There are exceptions – I own a siva cassette and cd, I have the cassette as these early pumpkins cassettes are f*** rare.

Vinyl – yes all , awesome format and most have something special ie. extra songs, coloured, ltd – I will buy vinyl even if it only has a slight difference ie. I own the PI gold and black versions, gish original pressing, re-press and the korean version etc.

CD’s Yes all unique releases ie. art/songs- no bootlegs, no radio promos, no album releases from multiple countries unless there is something unique as there are too many. (ie. I have an australian adore cd but I would not buy the UK pressing as there is basically no difference, but I would by the Taiwanese version as it has unique artwork.)

DVD/VIDEO/VCD – yes – official items only.

Anything else- in short no.

I guess it comes down to money and space…If I had no parametres on my collecting I would go insane!!!!!!!!

I also collect a few other bands but we will not mention that here……..

How do you define your collecting????????????????????????


Profile photo of manillascissor
On manillascissor wrote:

Bootlegs: I started collecting here, and some of these are great. But lately, no.

Cassettes: I collect every CS I can get my hands on.

Vinyl: All. Criteria is NM condition, w/o any signatures.

CDs: All. Criteria is NM condition, sealed preferable. No signatures is a plus, but some of these do contain writing, and if rare enough, that’s okay.

DVDs: Don’t collect, just have standard releases of all of them. I think I have 3 or so.

in my time of dying
Profile photo of Cool As Ice Cream
On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

bootlegs: no. never. not on cd, and not on vinyl.

cassettes: not really. i have some, but i’m not really looking for anything. this format is a bit crappy.
vhs: idem.

minidisc: nope. i don’t have any, and i wouldn’t be able to play them.

dvds: i have the standard releases, and then some extra stuff, but i’m not sure if this could be considered \"collecting\".

vinyl: yes! everything.

cds: everything released under the name of sp.

compilation cds with sp tracks, and side projects: also interested, but less. compilation cds with exclusive tracks are a must, but i don’t want to start to collect every possible compilation cd with an sp track on it.

Profile photo of amnesia
On amnesia wrote:

Bootlegs: No, I dont collect those. I got a couple of bootlegs.

Cassettes: I do collect cassettes, but its not first priority, also i dont want to pay much for them.

Vinyl: No, even thought i got some.

CDs: Yes, priority one, Im a promo collector and Obi collector, I dont really collect cds from all countries, unless its promo.I love collecting Japan and Taiwan stuff, because of the Obi strip.I got a weakness for those Obi strips. :P

DVDs: Not really.Only commercials

Compilation: Nope

minidisc: Nope

In loving memory of Bimbolin.
Profile photo of anonymous
On Anonymous wrote:

Bootlegs: If something really cool came along, then maybe, otherwise I’m not interested any more – I like to think I’ve helped stop people spending money on them (amongst other band-friendly motives). :wink:

Cassettes: Often beautiful, although never really appealed to me. A few have been given as presents, I don’t play them.

Minidiscs: Look nice, can’t play them and don’t really need them.

DVDs: Pay for them when possible, wheel ‘n deal with people otherwise. Missed out on a lot of very early shows. :(

Vinyl: Anything officially released (or promo), my favourite format.

CDs: Official (and promo) UK, US, Canada, France and Japanese releases would be nice.

Compilations, etc: Not really that interested, kind of feel like they’re, \"Just for the sake of it.\"

Anything else: Items that are unique/rare/interesting. I’m not really worried about racking up numbers, so just items that are nice to own for whatever reason.

I took collecting too seriously for a while (imho) and looking back, it was just compulsion, rather than genuine desire to own… So a slow, sure Collector in future, just trying to enjoy the experience and appreciate each item its/their own way. :)

You’d rarely see me on eBay, so nobody needs worry about that \"feeling of competition\" when I’m around. :lol: :wink:

Profile photo of mr.benway
On mr.benway wrote:

CDs: Yes, regular releases and promos. Countries (main focus): UK & US, Canada, Australia, France , Japan & Taiwan (yepp: fancy Obis)).
CDRs (used as promos or acetate): I have some, but i’m not interested that much in these things (factory pressed cds are looking better).

Vinyl: Yes!

Cassettes: I have some, but i’m not looking for more.

VHS, Minidisc: not at all

DVD: only the standard releases

Bootlegs (factory pressed): yes. same as Manilla, Bootlegs were the starting point of my Smashing Pumpkins Collection. But i have a strict price limit for Bootlegs: max. 20$ per cd. In the last 2 years the prices were often insane for commercial (factory pressed) bootlegs (often between 50-70$, sometimes around 100$, uhh).

Compilation CDs: No, i’m not Arthur :D

Other stuff: Yes. Tour Itineraries ( 8) ), Poster & Music Magazines. That’s it.

Profile photo of Arthur
On Arthur wrote:

All types of official CDs and DVDs worldwide, with at least 1 Smashing Pumpkins song (-part) or interview on it. This includes test pressings, acetates, promos, radio cds, jukebox cds, commercial releases like singles, albums, documentaries, compilations, and movies.

Like manillascissor and mr.benway, my collecting career started off with some factory pressed bootlegs also. Stopped collecting them when I had like 50 of them. Also I have some vinyl, cassettes, posters, shirts, sales awards, order forms, magazines etc., but that’s just for fun.

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."
Profile photo of blueczarina
On blueczarina wrote:

although i’m not as crazy as a few of you with your 1000 cd collection :P as far as what i buy

CDs: i love cds, especially when they have neat artwork. i also have a few promos and i like to pick up some foreign releases here and there. i mainly like the ones with different artwork or tracks though. i’m not so big on buying ones that don’t offer me anything different from my US release.

vinyls: I have a few and would like to get a few more. they look neat and i like the packaging. i don’t play vinyls ever, but i don’t mind owning a few for the art and packaging.

tapes: i have one NME comp that came with an old SP NME issue. beyond that i don’t like tapes. they don’t last very well. they always crap out over time, so i’m not big on purchasing them.

minidiscs: i don’t have any, but they are cute.

VHS: i don’t have any. i feel the same about them as i do tapes. they crap out on you.

DVD: i have the standard releases plus one bootleg.

bootlegs (factory press): i started buying some of those for the audio when i first started amassing goods of the SP. i still don’t mind them, but i stopped buying them. plus i can download the audio. i wouldn’t mind picking up a few more, but only select ones that look cool and have audio i like. i mostly don’t get them anymore though.

compilations: I leave those to Arthur. :P i would have to like a lot of the stuff on one before i would consider buying a comp. that or it would have to look really kick ass.

other stuff: i love SP posters! and i also collect the odd press kit and i like some record store display posters and what not too. i don’t mind having other odds and ends either.

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