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Volume 5 Issue 3 
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“NIKKI SIXX (MOTLEY CRUE) – you’re bidding on THREE (3) IDENTICAL COPIES of this mint condition issue of the now defunct central florida monthly magazine MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (volume 5, issue 3, “The Big Rock Bass” Issue, 2008), ALL FOR ONE PRICE!..this issue features Nikki Sixx on the front cover!..there’s also a 1 page article on Nikki on page 5, along with several more color pix..there’s also a feature on bass player Michael Poggione from Monstrosity, a “Top 10 Most Rockin’ Female Bass Players” article, featuring small color photos of goddesses of thunder Pat Lenchantin (PERFECT CIRCLE, ZWAN), Kim Gordon (SONIC YOUTH), Share Ross (VIXEN), Jennifer Arroyo (KITTIE, SUICIDE CITY), D’arcy Gretzky (SMASHING PUMPKINS), Melissa Auf der Maur (HOLE, SMASHING PUMPKINS), Nadja Peulen (COAL CHAMBER), Anna Kjellberg (DRAIN STH, REVOLTING COCKS, OPIATE FOR THE MASSES), Karin Axelsson (SONIC SYNDICATE), & Doris Yeh aka Thunder Tears (CHTHONIC)..there’s also a superb, two-page color poster of beautiful Doris from Chthonic onstage with her ‘Iceman’ bass guitar in the centerfold!..14 glossy pages..other columns/articles feature “rock war” (central florida local bands), & “ask the slammin’ groove queen” (pioneer lady drummer Roxy Petrucci with Madam X, Vixen, Roktopuss), as well as the usual colorful array of ads for local bars, music shops, tattoo parlors, alternative boutiques, & motorcycle stores in and around the Daytona Beach area..this entertaining issue would make a great addition to any Nikki Sixx/rock ‘n’ roll bass players collection or library..”

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