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7 83333 00032 8 
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  • ONXRT: Live From The Archives, Vol. 3
    •  1 . Rocket

      Title extra: live 1993.07.26

      Length: 4:29

      BMI Number: 1776746

      Additional Info: Liner notes on ONXRT Live From The Archives Volume 3 CD: "Track 6 recorded by an ardent Pumpkins fan." Acoustic version. Including some banter and applause this track lasts 4:59.

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      Bleed in your own light

      Dream of your own life

      I miss me

      I miss everything I'll never be

      And on, and on

      I torch my soul to show

      The world that I am pure

      Deep inside my heart

      No more lies

      A crown of horns

      An image formed deformed

      The mark I've borne

      A mark of scorn to you

      Consume my love, devour my hate

      Only powers my escape

      The moon is out, the stars invite

      I think I'll leave tonight

      So soon I'll find myself alone

      To relax and fade away

      Do you know what's coming down

      Do you know I couldn't stay free?

      I shall be free

      I shall be free

      I shall be free

      I shall be free

      I shall be free free

      Free of those voices inside me

      I shall be free

      I shall be free

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