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Questions Compiled by The SPfreaks Team

Whose amazing vocals are in the background of Smashing Pumpkins’ new tune “Anaise”? It’s Sheri Shaw! SPfreaks catches up with her to ask a few questions.

SPF: What are your musical influences?

SS: I am all over the place from Front 242 to big cheese ball pop music…

SPF: This past summer you had a chance to sing on Smashing Pumpkins’ new song, “Anaise”. What was that like?

SS: I was there when they were working on the demos and I fell in love with it immediately. To get to sing on it…. Honestly, it blew my mind.

SPF: Is there something special about working with Billy that people don’t realize?

SS: For me it has been a wonderful experience. He has been supportive and challenges me… As a boss and as a friend…

We have our moments where we drive each other bonkers…But I have a big brother love for him that goes to the moon and back….

I have learned so much from him and look up to him more than he probably even knows.

A big thank you to Sheri Shaw for being too cool and answering a few questions! Rock On!


Photo credit : Rock Candy Photo

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great read, thanks geo! didn’t even notice background vocals!