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“We ain’t fuckin’ dead yet!” (1)

Between 2008 and 2010, SPfreaks put together 4 compilations of Smashing Pumpkins live songs and made these available as mp3s. In these months we present a run-down of them. #2 was originally posted on 2009.02.11. For all these live compilations, jewelcase artwork has been created. The artwork is included in the downloads.

The booklets need to be printed @ 240 mm x 120 mm & folded to fit inside a jewelcase. The back inlays need to be printed @ 150 mm x 117,50 mm, then folded 6.5 mm from the sides, to fit inside a jewelcase.

So, another Smashing Pumpkins Live Compilation for the SPfreakies! 23 rocking songs from the period 1988 – 2008, since ‘metal’ was the theme for this compilation. Total running time: 2 hours 19 minutes 10 seconds.

Here are details of each of these songs:

01. C’mon 04:54 1988/00/00 (taken from the Ignoffo tape)
First I choose “6234” to kick off this compilation, as it is a rare early live track, but somehow it didn’t feel right, as it is not that ‘metal’. So from the famous Ignoffo tape I took another rarity that REALLY rocked! It is also known as “C’mon Motherfucker”, do I need to say more? But yes, it was recorded in a studio… well, who cares, right? 

02. Spiteface 05:25 1989/03/16 WZRD-FM Studios, Chicago (US)
 The full recording of this radio show is one of my favourite early recordings. “Spiteface” kicks ass!

03. Godzilla 05:48 1990 unknown venue (taken from Mashed Potatoes) (US)
Smashing Pumpkins played a really rockin’ “Godzilla” quite a few times in the early days, but the version from Mashed Potatoes is one of the best recordings, if you ask me. Couldn’t be missed on this compilation!

04. STP 03:38 1991/11/02 Memorial Auditorium, Burlington (US)
Another early rarity, I wanted it on here badly.

05. Slunk 02:36 1992/01/20 Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
Nobody asked for “Slunk”, but it’s one of my favourite early Smashing Pumpkins rockers, so I wanted my ego to be pleased on this compilation, hehehehe…  The recording was done by VPRO Radio, so expect a decent quality MP3.

06. Quiet 03:47 1993/12/01 Palladium, Toronto (CA)
Needs no introduction I guess. Was asked for, say no more.

07. I Am One 07:00 1994/02/26 Astoria Theater, London (UK)
The rant version of “I Am One” couldn’t be missed, although we know it from Earphoria also. But this is the cool MTV recording version, definitely worthwhile a listen!

08. Geek U.S.A. 05:38 1995/10/23 Riviera Theater, Chicago (US)
From the release party of the million selling album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

09. X.Y.U. 10:12 1996/04/15 Arena, Berlin (DE)
10. Bodies 04:03 1996/04/15 Arena, Berlin (DE)
Two metal rockers from a rather decent audience recorded bootie: The Berlin Bullet. Listen to Billy being silly in X.Y.U.!

11. Zero 02:19 1997/01/08 GM Place, Vancouver (CA)
12. Fuck You (An Ode To No One) 05:01 1997/01/08 GM Place, Vancouver (CA)
The GM Place concert is world famous in the Pumpkins community. Couldn’t be missed. I love how they did “Zero” here, with this little extra guitar sound that pops up in the song a few times…

13. Bullet With Butterfly Wings 07:02 1998/05/28 BotaniqueGardens, Brussels (BE)
Live favourite, I had no reason to leave it off this compilation… But I took a little different version, hope you like it!

14. Cash Car Star 03:45 1999/04/21 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix (US)
It was hard to choose a decent rocker from 1999, as not many concerts were given, let alone recorded. Hope you can agree on my choice!

15. The Everlasting Gaze 03:54 2000/01/07 Cirkus, Stockholm (SE)
16. Rock On 06:04 2000/01/07 Cirkus, Stockholm (SE)
Again two songs from a decent radio recording, and since I like Rock On, I thought I had to add it too…

17. Glamey Glamay 04:08 2000/04/00 (taken from Billy’s Gravity Demos)
I just had to put the rockin’ “Marquis In Spades” on the compilation, but I could only find a studio version, that was called “Glamey Glamay” in the early days. Well, hope you like it, it is a rarity anyway!

18. United States 10:50 2007/06/02 Rock Am Ring Festival, Nurnberg (DE)
The Pumpkins return with a blow in 2007!

19. Superchrist 06:14 2008/02/15 MEN Arena, Manchester (UK)
Couldn’t be missed, right? It rocks, it shows the Pumpkins attitude “don’t want to listen? We’ll make you listen!”. 

20. Speed Kills 05:22 2008/10/31 NewportMusic Hall, Columbus (US)
21. As Rome Burns 03:47 2008/10/31 NewportMusic Hall, Columbus (US)
22. The Sound Of Silence incl. Lil’ Red Riding Hood 09:31 2008/10/31 NewportMusic Hall, Columbus (US)
23. Heavy Metal Machine + Glass’ Theme 15:09 2008/10/31 NewportMusic Hall, Columbus (US)
Four songs from the 20th Anniversary Tour, this should make everybody happy I guess. We start with a metal ballad, then the compilation keeps on rockin’ and rockin’ and rockin’ for another half an hour, almost…

* Blue Öyster Cult cover.
** David Essex cover.
*** Paul Simon and Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs covers.

The download of this compilation can be found here. Enjoy!

(1) The quote is from Billy Corgan again, during “Heavy Metal Machine”, 2008/10/31 Newport Music Hall, Columbus (US)

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a rockin’ version of glass would be nice!


Track 23. 🙂