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Article by Arthur van Pelt
Hosting by Alberto

“I’ve often felt that our B-sides show more of our true character than some of our albums.” (1)

Many fellow SPfreaks members will remember the SPfreaks Live Compilations that were available for download on SPfreaks.com from 2008 through 2010. Here, we present a starting point to revisit those Live Compilations in the upcoming months, but we also present an ending point. There was always the idea of closing the series with a fifth edition, but it never took proper shape. However, that has changed: we managed to get permission* to spread a six-hour radio show by Dutch Radio Station Kink FM , dedicated to Smashing Pumpkins only! For this and future downloads we teamed up with Alberto of www.albert0.nl (Albert Zero). Alberto is currently developing a new initiative to create a “Smashing Pumpkins Rare and Unreleased Songs Archive”. We would like to invite every Smashing Pumpkins fan to pay a visit to Alberto’s website!

So, what did Kink FM do? Let’s go back to the year 2000. Smashing Pumpkins announced plans early in 2000 to dismantle the band by the end of the year. The goodbye and farewell world tour saw the band in Europe in September, October and the first week of November. Just before the European leg of the world tour started, Machina II, Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music was released for free on an extremely limited vinyl set (25 only) on September 5, 2000. Soon after, Smashing Pumpkins were booked to play the Ahoy venue in Rotterdam, Holland on September 20, 2000.

Inside this little time frame of two weeks, Kink FM decided to honor the Smashing Pumpkins‘ musical legacy with a six-hour long radio show dedicated to the band. Six hours, in which the four vinyl set of Machina II was broadcast in full. As far as we know, no other radio station in the world has since done the same for any band to date. The Smashing Pumpkins radio show on Kink FM took place on September 12, 2000. Virgin Records sponsored the show with several promo cds and other goodies, and during the show free tickets to the Ahoy gig were given away. To cut a long story short, the five-CD set of this show was unearthed by SPfreaks. For those interested, we can now offer the full radio show in MP3 format here. Warning: Language is in Dutch!

(1) Quote of Billy Corgan, found in Guitar School magazine, February 1997, in an article by Alan di Perna.

* Disclaimer: in the unlikely scenario that any rightful authority denies permission to spread the radio show in low quality MP3 format, please contact SPfreaks as soon as possible at TheSPfreaksTeam@gmail.com. We will take immediate and appropriate actions per appropriate request(s).

The setlist of this radio show, as provided by Kink FM, is provided below:

Pale Scales (live 24.01.00 – Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL)
La Dolly Vita (Pisces Iscariot, 1994)
Today (live 10.11.93 – Center Stage, Atlanta, USA [taken from Vieuphoria, 1994])
Dross (Friends and Enemies of Modern Music tape, 2000)
Pennies (Zero cd-single, 1996)
Eye (live 28.06.97 – Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, DK)
Galapogos (Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness, 1995)
Cherry (1979 cd-single, 1996)
Love (Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness, 1995)
Mayonaise (The Smashing Pumpkins 1991-1998 promo, 1999)
Glynis (No Alternative soundtrack, 1993)
Ava Adore (live 06.08.98 – Oven’s Auditorium, Charlotte, USA)
Window Paine (live 05.02.92 – Elysée Montmartre, Paris, FR)
1979 (live 28.06.97 – Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, DK)
I Am One (7″-single, 1990)

Obscured (Pisces Iscariot, 1994)
Apathy’s Last Kiss (Japanese Today cd single, 1994)
Bodies (live 24.04.96 – Palatrussardi, Milan, IT)
X.Y.U. (live 31.10.98 – Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, USA)
Czarina (Ava Adore cd single, 1998)
Spaceboy (live 30.06.93 – VPRO Studios, Hilversum, NL)
Dancing In The Moonlight (Disarm [smile] cd-single, 1994)
Fuck You (An Ode To No One) (live 12.12.95 – De Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL)
Tristessa (7″-single, 1990)
Rhinoceraus (Moon demo tape, 1989)
Jennifer Ever (The Smashing Pumpkins demo tape, 1989)
My Dahlia (Light Into Dark compilation lp, 1989)
There It Goes (Mashed Potatoes, studio demos, 1988)
The Vigil (live 10.08.88 – The Avalon nightclub, Chicago, USA [cut due to technical difficulties in the KinK-studio])

Siva (live 15.01.92 – VPRO Studios, Hilversum, NL)
The Vigil (live 10.08.88 – The Avalon nightclub, Chicago, USA)
Murder-Mix (The Marked demo tape, 1986)
Silverfuck (live 24.02.94 – Astoria Theater, London, UK [taken from Vieuphoria, 1994])
Set The Ray To Jerry (1979 cd single, 1996)
Soma (live 24.02.94 – Astoria Theater, London, UK [taken from Vieuphoria, 1994])
Heavy Metal Machine (e.a. live sampler, 2000)
Disarm (live 23.05.94 – Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, NL)
To Sheila (live 24.01.00 – Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL)
Smiley (Peel Sessions cd-single, 1991)
Blue (live 22.10.91 – Atomic Records, Milwaukee, USA)
Bullet Train To Osaka (I Am One 10″-single, 1992)

Glass + The Ghost Children (live 24.01.00 – Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL)
Transformer (Thirty-Three cd single, 1996)
Pug (Adore, 1998)
By Starlight (live 08.01.97 – The GM-place, Vancouver, CA)
Crestfallen (live 28.05.98 – Parc du Botanique, Brussels, BE)
Cherub Rock (live 26.10.93 – Del Mar Fairground, Del Mar, USA)
Drown (Lenny Kravitz studio outtake)
World premiere Machina II/ The Friends & Enemies Of Modern Music by KinK FM
CR01 (10″-‘single’ 1)
Slow Down
Glass’ Theme (spacey version)
CR02 (10″-‘single’ 2)
Soul Power [James Brown cover]
Cash Car Star
Lucky 13

Speed Kills
CR03 (10″-‘single’ 3)
If There Is A God? (piano/vocal version)
Try, Try, Try (alternate version)
Heavy Metal Machine (alternate version)
CR04 (double LP)
Glass’ Theme
Cash Car Star
Real Love
Go (James Iha)
Let Me Give The World To You
Blue Skies Bring Tears (heavy)
White Spider
In My Body
If There Is A God
Le Deux Machina (instrumental)
Here’s To The Atom Bomb
Farewell And Goodnight (live 05.04.96 – Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL)

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