Dream Tonight

Original Lyrics

You don’t know which way to go
You don’t know where you’ve been
You got close to the sun
And everything begins to spin around you
Looking back on yesteryear, you see every steeple pine
Every loss and every hope, every thought magnifies
And you, you need, you long to be…
Sleep and dream tonight
Waves crash overhead, you’re falling deeper in
Wait until the morning comes and everything within you
Begins to breathe, tell me please… you burn too bright
You’re drifting out of sight
Rushing headlong down a hole, into the great unknown
I see a face coming through, I know you’ll make it soon
Shadows running down the hall
But we could run right through a wall
I feel a chill in the air
The moon and rain don’t compare to you
You’ll see, you’re almost free, my only light
Days are bright, drifting out of sight


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