My Collection is a feature of SPfreaks to keep track of your Smashing Pumpkins collection. You will be able to maintain every single item on this website, put it in your personal online collection, sell or trade these items with other members, or ask around for it on the website when you badly want it for your collection. This unique My Collection feature, not available on any fan site of any other band as far as we know, is only available for SPfreaks members.

My Collection has 3 important features:


For private purposes, or to show off to other collectors, you can maintain what Smashing Pumpkins items you own. Every single item on this website is available for putting in your collection, or withdrawing it from your collection when you sold it or (hopefully never to happen!) lost it. You will be able to write private notes, for your personal administration. Or you can write public notes on each item, to be shared with other members only.


When you want an item for your Smashing Pumpkins collection, you can check this option and you get a notification when a member is selling or trading this very same item. Your chance to pick it up first!


When you want to sell or trade an item from your collection, you can offer it to other member/collectors. Of course you need to own it first!
To be able to use these My Collection features of SPfreaks you must be a registered user. Please register with the option in the header of this website.

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