Marquette University, Milwaukee (WI)



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  • Marquette University, Milwaukee (WI)
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    •  2 . I’ve Got A Feeling

      Title extra: live 1992.03.27

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      Cover of The Beatles.

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      I've got a feeling, a feeling deep inside

      Oh yeah, oh yeah. that's right

      I've got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide

      Oh no, no. oh no

      Oh no, yeah I've got a feeling

      Oh please believe me, I'd hate to miss the train

      Oh yeah, oh yeah

      And if you leave me I won't be late again

      Oh no, oh no

      Oh no. yeah I've got a feeling yeah

      All these years I've been wandering around

      Wondering why how come nobody told me

      All that I was looking for was somebody

      Who looked like you. oh!

      I've got a feeling, that keeps me on my toes

      Oh yeah, oh yeah

      I've got a feeling, I think that everybody knows

      Oh yeah, oh yeah

      Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I've got a feeling, yeah

      Everybody had a hard year

      Everybody had a good time

      Everybody had a wet dream

      Everybody saw the sunshine

      Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

      Everybody had a good year

      Everybody let their hair down

      Everybody pulled their socks up

      Everybody put their foot down

      Oh yeah, oh yeah

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