Billy Corgan announces leave of drummer Jimmy Chamberlin


Update by Arthur van Pelt The article below is what headlined yesterday, without any further information given or details being shared about the reason(s) why. Although some sources call this announcement an early April Fools Day joke, it’s still a shock to every fan of the band. Hopefully we will know more news about Jimmy’s leave soon. Meanwhile, this unpleasant news is spreading all over the internet, with headlines on Billboard, Reuters, Washington Post and BBC. An overview of all the news can be found here. “Corgan set to head into the studio to create new Smashing Pumpkins music The […]

SPfreaks interview with Founder/CEO Brad Serling


Article and interview by Arthur van Pelt Recently, we have seen a lot of discussion going on about the new digital road the Smashing Pumpkins are following, releasing their music. Their latest release, the 20th Anniversary Tour in both a digital format: FLAC & MP3, but also still on a physical medium: the CD, was done by NUGS.NET. asked the Founder/CEO of NUGS.NET, Mr. Brad Gregory Serling, a few questions. Here is his insightful information from the side of NUGS.NET. By the way, he mentioned as an important sidenote “Yes, you may post my responses in their entirety, as long […]

New Zealand Welcomes You!


Article written by Derek Miller SPfreaks has recently done some research regarding New Zealand versus Australian/ Australasia cassette releases. We are proud to present to you our findings. Not only are New Zealand releases unusually rare, before now, they were hard to identify. Here are some foolproof methods to employ: 1) The symbol really is the key. The symbol (presented here as a repeated border design) appears exclusively on all official NZ cassette releases – and they are nearly always on Virgin or Warner or BMG major labels. If you see this symbol appear on the cassette, you know it’s […]

The last sick Pumpkins vinyl of 2008. More to come in 2009 !?


Article by Arthur van Pelt Today we have uploaded an extremely rare 1990 German vinyl test pressing of the 12 inch single for Tristessa, to be found in our ever growing Smashing Pumpkins online database here. Since this is most probably a one-of-a-kind item, we are quite sure for the moment, only 1 collector will have this in his personal “My Collection”… 😉 Anyway, with this latest discovery we say a big THANK YOU to all of you Smashing Pumpkins fans and collectors of Smashing Pumpkins memorabilia, as we have very much enjoyed your (sometimes silly!) fandom, your hard work for […]

20th Anniversary show in Washington DC 2008


Article by Daniella Koontz When I first found out that I won the SPfreaks competition I was completely shocked and elated. What an amazing feeling of accomplishment. The next step was to figure out which show I was going to attend. Since I live in the state of Florida, I’d have to fly. Several of the shows overlapped dates that I already had planned to be on vacation, so those were out. Several dates were already sold out, so those were obviously out, and several were too far away for my budget. On top of that I had to figure […]

The Friction, The Joy, The Paradox and The Beauty


If All Goes Wrong, a Smashing Pumpkins fan review   Written by Arthur van Pelt So, here we were, with 4 SPfreakies in Gent, in a partly filled obscure little cinema inside the Vooruit Theatre, to see the world premiere of If All Goes Wrong, the latest documentary of the Smashing Pumpkins. Vooruit, by the way, is the same place where the Smashing Pumpkins played a gig on 1992/01/17 during their European leg of the 1992 Tour, so we already knew it would be a place with history. And yes, it is indeed. The building and everything inside it just […]

1989 Eye (Demo) Tape, Myth Or Fact?


Article by Arthur van Pelt   In the years 1995-2000, when lots of collectors of Smashing Pumpkins memorabilia showed major interest in every (possible) release of this band, they couldn’t help but spreading a rumour about a tape from 1989. This tape was supposed to be called “Eye” or “Eye (Demo)”. Since then, lots of internet places reference this tape. Few examples: Wikipedia, SPFC, Music Babylon, and Netphoria. And most probably dozens more. Collectors and fans, trying to be helpful, spread this info even further, a rather recent example here. But… The funny thing is, nobody has ever seen […]

Warning! Fake Mellon Collie Vinyl is Spreading like a Disease!


Article written by Arthur van Pelt and Derek Miller The last few months we get more and more reports that a bootlegged vinyl release of Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness is slowly flooding the markets all over the world, starting from Europe. In this case the bootleggers are making huge profits out of it, as collectors are willing to pay very high prices for it. And who can blame them, it looks almost like the original… But we advice you: stop spreading the disease! The bootleg vinyl is of lower quality, it is not genuine, it has no Smashing […]

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