Today: US Independence Day, SPfreaks Forum Day


Fourth of July: United States of America, declaration of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776. Same date 231 years later, the SPfreaks team has finished the work on the SPforum. It’s live, people. Follow the SPforum link in the SITEMAP, register, and… have fun everybody! But please read the forum rules in the Announcement section first, ok?

Glass and the Machines of God / a Modern Fable


Written by Billy Corgan  (around halfway 2000) (Copied from official website of Smashing Pumpkins and stored here on 2012/09/29 for historical purposes) somewhere in the not so distant future, we may find a world of not so subtle torments…for amidst the rubble of urban decay and barren wastelands find wander a billion shattered souls…disconnected from themselves by impersonal technologies and personal cause…one such soul is the center of our story, and his name is GLASS…he is the lead singer of THE MACHINES OF GOD, and he believes that GOD itself has asked him to try to change the world…this poses two […]

The Pumpkins Meet Listessa


Article by Jennifer Sloan Copied from Frequently, I get requests from Listessans to have a copy of the meeting which took place backstage after a show in Winnipeg, September 24th, 1996, between Karl Daher, myself, Tanya Klassen, and the Pumpkins. The purpose of the meeting was to present Billy, D’Arcy, and James each with tribute books we all made for them, called “Our Infinite Dream: Listessa’s Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins” (they also received Listessa t-shirts). The Pumpkins absolutely *LOVED* them. Remember, this was at the time in which we did not even know the songs on the box […]

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