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Announcement by The SPfreaks Team

MCIS box set cover art

December 15th was the deadline for the contest that we started on October 7th. We asked you to write an essay called “The World of Mellon Collie”, and add a decoupage set to the essay. The essay was to be between 1,000 and 2,500 words long. Members of the SPfreaks Team were not eligible to enter the contest.

The contest has been highly anticipated since early October, and we noticed multiple positive responses on the Smashing Pumpkins forum, Twitter, and above all, Facebook. However, in the meantime we were unable to have a band member of Smashing Pumpkins participate in the judging of our contest.

As a result, we will now judge the contest submissions within the SPfreaks Team. Accordingly, we will be able to announce a winner much earlier than previously expected. Instead of between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we will now have a winner announced by Friday the 21st! The winner will also be contacted at the email used to submit their entry.  So keep your eyes peeled on this blog,  and we will see you again on Friday!

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