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Anna May Wong


Smashing Pumpkins albums are replete with symbolism and imagery. As a collector, I try to connect the dots and put stories and leads together to gain a better appreciation of the overall perspective. It therefore came as no surprise to discover a deeper meaning behind the early 20th century image used in association with William Patrick Corgan’s tea shop. Madame ZuZu’s Teahouse in Highland Park, Illinois, currently uses the image of Anna May Wong on some of their social media accounts. Born January 3, 1905, in Los Angeles, California, Anna May Wong was one of the first Chinese-American movie stars. She became a prominent […]

Smashing Pumpkins : Undercover Covers


Dynamic artwork continues to be an integral component of the Smashing Pumpkins experience. The graphics range from commissioned professional artistry, hand-drawn stick figures, to blurry Polaroids. The visual component of the band has consistently provided a complement to the main element of the Smashing Pumpkins; the music. Musicians gracing album covers is certainly not a groundbreaking idea, and as such, will not be discussed in great detail. However, Smashing Pumpkins members have quietly, and sometimes downright secretively, displayed themselves on numerous releases throughout their catalog that go unnoticed if not paying attention. Here are some notable occasions when Smashing Pumpkins band members, family, and friends furtively morphed into artistic rock-athanasia. […]

Mark Ignoffo Talks Smashing Pumpkins


Interview by geo folkers In late 1988, early ’89, Mark Ignoffo had an opportunity to work with a young Smashing Pumpkins. Here are a few questions that Mark was kind enough to recently answer: You had an opportunity to work with one of the greatest bands ever.  How did you come to meet the Smashing Pumpkins? Well, as with most things it was merely by chance. My family was having a garage sale and I was selling an old Farfisa organ. A young guy stopped by and saw the organ and asked if I played keys and the conversation morphed into my […]