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Article by Arthur van Pelt

May we call this the biggest Smashing Pumpkins news in several years? A few of our members found out that Billy Corgan, for several months in the early 1980s, played the bass in a band called Remove That Bible! That band also went by the name The Marinetti’s in later years. But more important, a tape from that era called Ancient Times, has surfaced. It was handed over to us by 1 of Billy’s Bible bandmates called Jerome Greenway. We will bring an exclusive interview with Jerome soon too.

Meanwhile, on our Forum you can find a download of all the songs from that tape! We can clearly hear Billy Corgan wring the bass hard and loud in this newly discovered 1980s band, and it is not hard to imagine that Remove That Bible evolved into The Marked. Tracklist of the tape:

01 Dance V1
02 The Will Of God
03 Wastelands
04 Dance V2
05 Immediate Freshness
06 EO
07 Cherie Cherie
08 Dance
09 Rain
10 Workaholic
11 Radio Time
12 The Contender
13 I Wonder
14 Ancient Times
15 Like A Cloud
16 Ice

Update 2010/04/17 – Please be notified that this is an April Fools Day joke.

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